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At this time, we at Daneson are still fulfilling all online orders.  That being said, you may see slight delays in shipping times due to workforce changes at our warehouse in order to ensure the safety of their staff.

We and all of our suppliers have taken the necessary precautions to prevent further spreading of the virus in our communities and are following all guidelines issued from both state and province health organizations.

Your continued support means we can continue to work with other like-minded and family-run businesses. 

Take care and stay safe.

Burnt tip out with a few gentle bites on the birch.

This releases the botanicals, phenols, and oils trapped in the cellulose of the wood. 

It's by design. 

We use real natural ingredients so it can take time for the flavor to work its way out of the wood onto your taste buds.

With our spirit-based toothpicks - bare in mind that shortly after bottling our toothpicks the hair-lip inducing taste of alcohol has flashed away.

What is left behind are the mellow phenols and cask attributes of the booze.

All our recipes benefit from a gentle chew and time drawing out the heart of the ingredients set deep in the birch.

However, don’t expect explosions of flavour akin to artificially flavoured candies and toothpicks.

All our products are pre-packaged and shipped to our respective distribution centres, we do not currently have the ability to mix-and-match packs or cases.

That said, our combination 2-Packs and Every Blend 4-Pack were designed to offer variety.

Our toothpicks are seared in our proprietary production process. 

It has the added benefit of distinguishing a Daneson from the average toothpick.

When you use a Daneson, we recommend having the seared tip facing outwards.

Daneson's are designed to be enjoyed with the seared or burnt tip out

The flavoring component of our product does not contain any peanuts or tree nuts itself.

However, the flavoring is processed in a facility where there may contain peanuts or tree nuts. 

There is also the possibility for it to be processed on the same equipment with peanuts or tree nuts.

If you experience an allergic reaction to our product, we would recommend that you immediately seek medical attention and cease any further usage.

Unfortunately, at the moment we're unable to offer sample packs given the small-batch nature of the business.

If any of the blends interest you in specific, we'd be more than happy to explain them in further detail in order to help you pick out the right one.

As we use natural ingredients in the flavouring process, you'll find more subtlety in taste but they will always be true to how we've described them in the product descriptions.

We currently do not offer Daneson products on Amazon. 

If you happen upon any listings, please note these are not authorized resellers and the products purchased cannot be guaranteed for quality.

Yes, please refer to our Retailers page here to find a retailer near you.

Yes, please send us an email at contact [at] daneson [dot] com to receive your Military discount code.